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Our History



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1971 Our company was established in Changhua County.
1978 Increase in machinery and equipment production seventy thousand gross per month.
1981 Expand factories in Changhua County Pusin Township.
1981 One hundred thousand gross per month.
1982 Start the production of flat spokes.
1995 New mold division, engaged in the Threading Dies and clamping Die manufacturing development.
1996 To purchase Germany's creep feed grinding machine and began to supply the threading dies and clamping dies.
1998 Purchase of German Hommel-Etamic form metrology.
1999 Industry-leading developers nipples new process machinery and began to supply the motorcycle nipples.
2000 Began manufacturing aluminum alloy nipples.
2005 Began develop titanium spokes.
2008 The world's leading manufacture of titanium nipples and officially released at the 2008 Taipei bicycle show.
2012 The new titanium alloy material tested successfully overcome the general titanium spokes breakage problems and have high strength and resistance to fatigue and formally published at the 2012 Taipei bicycle show.
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